How To Store Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, etc.

How To Store Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, etc.

Whether you’re worried about the smell, being discreet, keeping organized, or maximizing the value of your dry herb, how you store your product is important. There are tons of options out there and we want to help you narrow down the container that will fix the problem you’re looking to solve.

The Medtainer

Medtainers are a popular storage container option because they’re cheap and combines storage with grinding ability. They’re often cheap (and you may get these for free from local dispensaries) and made of medical grade plastic. They’re often smell-proof, air-tight, and come in a variety of colours. The downside is that plastic is bad for storing cannabis, period. Any experienced grower can tell you keeping bud in a glass container avoids any possibility of leeching from the plastic’s coating, better retains necessary moisture, and is a preferred method for allowing cannabis to cure after being cut from the plant.

Plastic bags

We included this because this is the option to avoid at all costs. Plastic bags provide minimal smell proofing, their disposable nature makes them bad choices for the environment, and the plastic in plastic bags leech far more than Medtainers and other medical grade plastic.

Glass jars

Keeping your cannbis or weed inside of glass is the tried and true method. They’re easy to clean, airtight, and maintains freshness in your bud with no risk of chemical leeching from plastic. If you’re a connoisseur and care for the taste of your weed above all, look no further than glass.

If your jar comes with a wooden lid (like cedar, pine, or bamboo), the natural wood fibres act as a moisture control barrier to keep your bud at a comfortable moisture level. We always recommend keeping a food-safe silica gel pack inside your bud to avoid any over abidance of moisture to spoil your bud. 

Glass jars are also the most stylish option that comes in the widest variety of styles – but all serve a functional purpose to keep your bud airtight and protected to last.

Vacuum sealing containers

Vacuum sealing container are great for keeping the smell out. They create an area of low pressure inside the container that prevents and smell or marijuana-tainted air from escaping. They can be expensive and thin plastic can be prone to cracks (nothing is worse than an unexpected leak), but can hold massive amounts of bud and are ultra portable to put in backpacks and bags.