Why Quartz Bangers are the Best for Dabbing

Why Quartz Bangers are the Best for Dabbing

The way you dab have had a dramatic change since cannabis concentrates have been introduced and made widely accessible. A variety of materials are being used to vaporize dabs, but all pale in comparison to the might Quartz Banger.

When dabbing first originated, red hot titanium nails and carb caps were king. Titanium was chosen because it had benefits of not off-gassing and is ultra durable (they make fighter jet wings out of this). With that fact in mind, titanium is incredible expensive and oxidizes over time. This eventually lowers the quality of the metal and makes it look stained, dirty, and worn.

Once titanium nails were a thing of the past, ceramic nails became the new way of dabbing. Ceramic is a far less expensive alternative to titanium and is nonporous. Ceramic nails can be easily cleaned and looks good as new. However, ceramic proves to be far more fragile than titanium; for not much cheaper, the stoner community wanted a compromise between durability and affordability (stoners can be clumsy, after all).

The first Quartz Bangers that were introduced were expensive due to such few producers manufacturing them. Once manufacturers picked up on the trend, they became the standard for dabbing and stoners united around quartz glass dab buckets. 

What makes the Quartz Banger so perfect for dabbing with glass rigs is quartz's high heat tolerance. Quartz can withstand the blazing hot torch without oxidizing or becoming brittle over time. Rather than titanium, quartz does not retain the heat as long and cools down faster – ensuring you're able to touch it with your hands sooner. It also heats up far faster, which both combined creates a more efficient and cleanly dabbing experience. 

Lastly, Quartz Bangers looks beautiful on glass rigs like bongs or dedicated dab rigs. With stylish designs and angles, they accent any glass smoking set up and completes your smoke station aesthetic.

Taking care of a Quartz Banger is easy. When heating up your banger, be sure to evenly distribute the heat over the entire bucket. If you only heat the bottom, it can result in stress on the glass and can produce cracks over time.

When you're breaking in a new banger, it can be tough to tell how hot they are when torching. When using a torch on its highest setting, a 20-second heat up time is adequate - or until you see it glow red. Once red, immediately stop torching and get ready to dab (once the red colour has subsided). Keep in mind, a dab only needs to be heated around 250º F in order to vaproize all the cannabinoids in a hit completely.

Cleaning the inside with a cotton swab after dabbing is recommended. It is always easier to clean them while warm, rather than cold. Using a swab will preserve the life of your banger. Make it a routine, and your dab will always be tasty and clean!

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