Why You Need a Rolling Tray

Why You Need a Rolling Tray

For many smokers, joints and blunts are one of the most accessible ways to consume cannabis. Smokers looking to maximize the value of their bud may choose smoking through glass or vaproizing. But joints and blunts do not require a bunch of expensive and potentially breakable gear. They’re a convenient way to smoke on the go. 

Joints can be enjoyable to share in groups (not during COVID-19) which makes them great for parties and gatherings (when we can have those again). They can be rolled to suite your needs which could be smaller, thicker, shorter, or longer. This equals control on the smoothness of the hit and how much weed you’re consuming every time.

For these reasons and more, joint or blunts can be a nice smoking method – but purchasing pre-rolls can be expensive and there are aspects to master when rolling yourself.

First, you need a flat surface to roll on to make rolling easier and catch any sprinkles of cannabis that falls out during the rolling process. The accessories you might use to roll (a poker, glass filter tip, papers themselves) can be small and easy to lose. Nobody likes spilt bud and searching for tools when they need them.

For these reasons and more, rolling trays are a great accessory for anyone who likes rolling joints. Moreover, anyone who uses glass bong bowls and pipes, packing on a rolling tray means less spillage and a cleaner aesthetic to your smoking station.

Most important, the trichomes (pollen, keef) that comes off each bud is fragile and degrades with prolonged contact with the natural oils on our hands. A rolling tray not only catches and protects the ground weed and keef, but maintains the quality for when you roll your next one.

Rolling tray accessories

To keep your weed stash in an organized state, rolling trays are best used with accessories. Stash jars (like our bamboo one) matches our bamboo rolling tray and provides an organized vessel for dried herbs. This takes up less space on your rolling tray than a plastic bag would, and leaves more room to roll.

Our bamboo ash tray (or any ash tray) accompanies a rolling tray perfectly. Keep the fresh herb on the rolling tray, and the burnt stuff in the ash tray. Simple.

A stainless steel grinder ensures your bud is finely ground and evenly burns once rolled. This also collects the terpene pollen for later use and is the best way to maximize your burn and bud.