Cloud Supply Co.

Glass Bong to Oil Dab Rig Conversion Kit with Sphere Carb Cap (14mm)

$59.99 CAD

Get the most out of your glass bong or water pipe. Our conversion kit lets you turn any bong or bubbler with a 14mm opening into a dab rig.

Simply swap out the bowl for the Quartz Banger included (45º is recommended for beaker bongs, while 90º is recommended for straight tube bongs).

Store your cannabis concentrates in woodgrain oil containers. Roll out the table-protecting dab mat, fill the torch with butane, heat up the banger, use the tool to vaporize your dab, inhale, and finish with the Quartz Sphere carb cap to keep all the good vapor inside.

What's in the box:

• Thick 14mm Quartz Banger (45º or 90º)
• Sleek, pocket-friendly stick torch with safety lock (Silver or Black) (butane not included)
• Set of 3 woodgrain plastic lid glass oil containers
• Set of 2 metal dabbing tools
• Smooth, silicone and mesh dab mat
• Quartz sphere carb cap
• King-size Cloud Supply Co. brand rolling papers
• Drawstring travel bag with 2x waterproof stickers
• Laser-engraved grinder coin key chain
• 7 trees planted with every purchase