Cloud Supply Co.

Vane Dry Herb Vaporizer

$59.00 CAD

The healthiest way to consume cannabis through smoking.

Our Vane dry herb vaporizer uses a ceramic heating element to bake your cannabis at the perfect temperature for THC to be released – but doesn't burn the unnecessary plant matter that creates residue and dirty smoke through other methods. Think of it as a convection oven for your bud.

USB chargeable, LCD screen, vibration function, and fully customizable temperature.

Consume weed without a lighter, without mess, and easily, discreetly on the go.

Save your vaped weed and use it to create edibles! The convection process of dry herb vaporizers skips the decarbing process (cooking bud in an oven) when making edibles. Get high from your weed twice!

Comes in three stylish colours and includes a carrying case, 2x waterproof stickers, and Cloud Supply Co. laser-engraved key tag and grinder coin.