Our Story

Stylish smoking supplies crafted for coffee tables – not closets.

Cloud Supply Co. creates handcrafted, minimalist glass bongs, pipes, and eco-conscious bamboo smoking accessories. Our mission is to design high quality, functional and beautiful smokeware that stands the test of time and accents every living space.

There's nothing proprietary; we're obsessed with making simple things really, really well.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Cloud Supply Co. was born from a need to break the mould of local headshops. Putting to rest the outdated cannabis taboos and status quo, we value keeping it simple, inclusive, and aesthetic - all the while making a positive impact on everyone around us.

We're not a big business and we love it that way. We're a small team based out of a Vancouver garage who are passionate about changing the way people see enjoying weed and their home décor.

Everyone has their happy place, and we're here to help complement yours.

Sustainability Efforts

For every $10 spent with Cloud Supply Co., we plant one tree to make a carbon-neutral footprint and leave a lasting legacy on our planet.

Where do our trees go? We replant devastated rainforest pockets in Nicaragua; create habitats for some of Africa's most beautiful animals in Mozambique; and expand our mangrove in Madagascar. We're lucky to have such clean air here in Canada and we're excited to share that with areas of the world who need it most.

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