Why Shop at Cloud Supply Co.? - Terms & Conditions

Selection, fast shipping, 24/7 customer service, all available in your pyjamas... or whatever you’re wearing. To be honest, we don’t really want to know.

We created Cloud Supply Co. because we were tired of the same old experience of shopping at local headshops. An uninviting atmosphere made browsing and finding glass smoking accessories that matched our personality rushed, inaccessible, and frankly, uncomfortable.

We wanted to make something that was welcoming for girls and guys alike while building a company that cares about the footprint we leave and the commitment to quality in the products we sell.

Drawing inspiration from minimalist fashion, we wanted to craft perfected smoking basics at the highest degree of quality with an affordable price. Say goodbye to
the bongs and pipes with designs that look like Hot Wheels cars.

We’ve highlighted the key differences between shopping at a local brick and mortar smoke shop versus shopping at an online headshop like ours:


A big difference you’ll find is selection. Some online stores stock every brand imagined, and some brick and mortar stores will seek the cheapest products they can find; we’re the cousin of the two that created their own sophisticated products, giving you all the bare basics and essentials you could need.

We have fewer products than most online headshops, and we like it that way. We focus on keeping things simple and perfecting functionality where it matters most.


With fewer costs than a retail store, this enables us to sell our small selection of the highest quality smoking products, like 9mm-thick glass bongs, at a cheaper price than you’ll find at middlemen retailers like brick and mortar stores and big-name online headshops.

With our small team running out of a Vancouver garage, we love thinking small and putting our hearts into what we sell. This lets us build Cloud Supply Co. into something we’re proud of that delivers values we think every company should seek out. With the lowered cost of our team and rent, we can deliver our products at an affordable price.

For those in the United States and abroad, our store is in Canadian Dollars (CAD). This means our Canadian prices converted will make for a convenient and affordable shopping experience.


There’s nothing like being able to grab your purchase directly at a store. However, we do our best to minimize the wait time between the moment you click that purchase button and when a package arrives at your doorstep.

Our average processing time is 1-3 days and our flat rate shipping speed is 3-7 business days via Canada Post.

Because we’re located in Vancouver, BC (Canada, eh), shipping costs can be expensive. We provide FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 CAD and a cheap, worldwide flat rate shipping option for all other orders.

We hate shipping costs just as much as you do, but let’s face it: we want to make sure your 9mm-thick, durable, and heavy glass arrives on-time and in pristine condition.

Combine that all with our shipping policy below:

Quality control

We never drop-ship or outsource our glass fulfillment because we care about what arrives in your box. We inspect every single glass item before we ship it to ensure it lives up to our commitment to quality. Because all of our glass is handmade, designs and shapes may vary from the items pictured - each piece is uniquely produced.

Customer service

From our experience, local headshop employees aren’t always known for their super motivated customer service and ambition to please. We do things differently here.

If you’ve ever been in a smoke shop and asked a question, you might be met with blank stares and a recommendation to Google search it.

We consider having a knowledgable, professional staff with unique personalities crucial to our service. If you ever have a question about your purchase, no matter what time of day or night, we are here for you - and ready to help!

Reach us on any social media platform below or email us directly and we’ll reply within one business day. Do not hesitate to ask. In fact, if you’re ever looking for a Netflix suggestion or a new recipe, chances are, we like the same stuff you do (we’re doing this because we love it) and are happy to share. 

We believe that businesses should be role models, and that starts with treating team members and customers alike with respect, honesty, and equal opportunity.

We are happy to help those with any level of experience, from beginners to
experienced smokers. We promise there is no such thing as a “stupid” question.

Still not convinced? Send us a message!