Cloud Supply Co.

Pink Quartz Smoking Pipe Bundle: Hand Pipe, Grinder, Bamboo Rolling Tray & Stash Jar

$99.99 CAD

Our Pink Quartz Crystal Pipe is perfect for those looking for a beautiful, conversation-starting centerpiece and those who smoke on the go and need a durable travel companion.

Our thick pink quartz crystal is resistant to drops, easy to clean, and compliments every decor. 100% Pink quartz crystal which glows under natural sunlight.

What's in the box:

• Pink quartz crystal hand pipe
• Stainless steel 4-piece grinder
• Handcrafted bamboo rolling tray
• Airtight stash jar with moisture-control bamboo lid
• King-size Cloud Supply Co. brand rolling papers
• Drawstring travel bag with 2x waterproof stickers
• Laser-engraved grinder coin key chain

• 9 trees planted with every purchase

Makes the perfect gift, starter set, or upgrade for any cannabis connoisseur!

Every pipe is handcrafted from unique crystals and will vary from the ones pictured.