Cloud Supply Co.

The Glass Gravity Bong

$159.99 CAD

Take your toke without your lips ever touching the bong.

Traditionally made from household materials, a gravity bong is a staple in every stoner's journey. The Glass Gravity Bong, on the other hand, turns a longtime homemade bong tradition into an elegant, glass-blown work of art.

What's a gravity bong? In essence, it creates a low-pressure zone inside the bong, pulling in outside air through the lit bowl. Gravity does the work your mouth would do in order to fill the bong full of smoke.

The Glass Gravity Bong lets you transfer water from one side of the bong to the other, creating a bong full of smoke as the water passes sides without the need to pour the water out.

Save water, save your breath, and take the hit that gravity has bestowed upon you.

15 trees planted with every purchase.

FREE GIFT: Drawstring travel bag, 2x waterproof stickers, and laser-engraved Cloud Supply Co. bong tag

We include a free pack of our branded king-size rolling papers with every order!