Cloud Supply Co.

The Pineapple Glass Bong

$174.99 CAD

A testament to Spongebob's house. The Pineapple Bong is a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art like the fruit itself.

The vivid teal and pale orange light up a room with a splash of colour. The Pineapple Bong pulls tokes as perfect as it is crafted; each pull flows through the pineapple percolator and fills the chamber with chilled smoke.

Symbolizing the fruit that represents progressive stoner culture, The Pineapple Bong is a stoner centerpiece for any shelf or coffee table.

• 11 inches tall, 7mm thick
• Thick 14mm bowl with handle
• 17 trees planted with every purchase

FREE GIFT: Drawstring travel bag, 2x waterproof stickers, and laser-engraved Cloud Supply Co. bong tag

We include a free pack of our branded king-size rolling papers with every order!